Program Outcomes

  • Student understood the language and its usage in daily life.
  • Students knew the history of Human being, History of Maharashtra, India, and world.
  • Students understood the environmental hazards.
  • Students knew the Human, Continentals and World geography.
  • Student understood the role of ICT in human life.
  • Student understood the political condition of India as well as World.
  • Student understood the stages of Human mind.
  • Co-Curricular activity helped to all round development of student.

Program Specific outcomes

Department of Marathi
  1. Students understood importance of language in human life and its nature.
  2. Students understood the new trends in literature.
  3. Students understood form of literature.
  4. Students are familiar with Marathi folk culture.
  5. Students got motivation and encouragement form literature. E.g biography
  6. Students understood History of literature
  7. Language helped the students for effective communication.
Department of Hindi
  1. Students understood language and its grammar.
  2. Students Understood the new trends in Hindi literature
  3. Students got motivation and encouragement form literature for biography and autobiography.
  4. Students Understood History of literature
  5. Student understood the importance of language for effective communication.
Department Of English
  1. Students understood the language and the grammar of English.
  2. Students understood the History of Indian English literature.
  3. Students understood the History of British literature.
  4. Students understood the Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics.
  5. Students understood the new trends in literature.
Department of Economics
  1. Student able to manage daily expenditure
  2. Student knew the concept of the rupee devaluation.
  3. Student knew the financial policy government.
  4. Student able to identify the customer.
  5. The student understood the budget.
  6. The student understood the financial transaction in the banking sector
Department of Geography
  1. The students Understood background knowledge of Geography and Geology.
  2.  The students familiarize geomorphological concepts and Processes.
  3. The students Understood background knowledge of Geography and Climatology.
  4. Students aware about atmospheric phenomena.
  5. Student acquainted with the Human race, Racial Classification and Racial conflicts.

Student familiarized with the Plateau and Mountains.

Department of History
  1. Student Understood the primary and secondary source of History
  2. Students are able to conduct historical monument Exhibition
  3. Students identified structure of the student language gender issues etc.
  4. Students able to identified his document as historical document.
Yoga Course Outcomes
  • Improve physical fitness and Health of the person.
  • Student obtained the things such as Psychological Stability, flexibility.
Stress Management Outcomes
  • Abled to maintain the stress.
  • Helped to personality development
Soft Skill Development Outcomes
  • Acquired some skill.
  • Built up self-confidence.