Being an institute of higher education in rural area, to be a means of higher education with special focus on education of girls to bring about a change in the lives of rural and downtrodden students having agrarian background and to promote them to be competent enough with national and international scenario.


  1. To provide an opportunity of higher education to first generation learners who generally give up their education and to educate the wards of farmers, labourers, workers and downtrodden people by giving them opportunity to learn multidimensional aspects of life as well as national and international challenges.
  2. We wish to impart quality education to the young generation of India keeping pace with regional, national and international educational scenario in order to make it locally and globally competent.
  3.  We wish to provide education to all the classes of society, especially to the downtrodden, economically and socially backward sections of society to make them self-confident and self-reliant.
  4. We wish to impart value-based education, embodying socio-cultural, scientific, commercial and physical training in order to achieve all-round development of the students’ personality.
  5. We wish to promote a sense Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood and humane values among students.
  6. We wish to promote a sense of equality, national integration, social justice and to act as a catalyst in socio-economic transformation for national development among the students.